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HR Analytics ScaleneWorks Behavioral Modeling to Predict Renege

ScaleneWorks has been supporting several information technology (IT) companies in India with its talent acquisition. In 2015, the Indian IT industry directly employed 3.5 million workers.
1 Acquiring new talent is always a challenging and time-consuming task, especially in IT since the hired person has to handle fast changing technology. In many instances, it is difficult to find the exact match for the specified job. If an offer is denied, then the human resource (HR) department has to repeat the entire recruitment process resulting in additional effort from the top management.

ScaleneWorks: HR analytics

Business Problem – Deep Dive
1. What are the key drivers that influence the candidate joining/notjoining a company/LOBs.
2. What rules can be used to predict the acceptance or rejection of offer.
3. Devising a predictive algorithm to calculate the probability of acceptance of an offer letter and joining the company after offer acceptance stage
Only the hypothesis marked in green can be tested at this stage.
To be tested for Male and Female candidate separately. But attributes completeness is not a satisfactory.
To be tested for different experience level (range) of candidate separately

Structuring the Recruitment Department

A recent survey of business and functional managers in the IT industry pointed out a startling fact – nearly 80% of their time goes into addressing either Talent Acquisition or Talent Retention related issues.
While dozens of white papers have been written on various solutions to help alleviate mundane situations in these two areas, very little has been debated much less written on what impact the organization of the Recruitment department can have on the final outcome – positive or negative.
Internal Recruitment departments have been traditionally an integral part of the HR organization even while most of the hiring requests came from the business/functional

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